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School Management System::

  Invasive Solutions developing a web-based school management software suite that automates and integrates all your school operations and processes.Invasive Solutions comes bundled with application suites each catering to an important function of your school while being integrated to each other.Our Application gives Advantages to Schools like....

  • Save your school precious time and cost, session on session which can be better invested in improving your learning systems, student development initiatives and developing an enviable school culture.
  • Bring in consistency and accuracy in your operations and reports which means lesser hassles in reconciliation and error management Give you peace of mind as you comply with stringent.
  • It gives complex requirements of school regulatory authorities.
  • It can change from time to time Enhance the status of your school to stand with the best in your peer set as a modern.
  • It makes progressive and iconic institution giving your students, teachers and administrators a sense of pride and positivity

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