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Payroll System ::

  Invasive Intelli Payroll (Intelligent Payroll Software) is developed on latest dot net technology to make it powerful, yet easy-to-use. It makes payroll processing a hassle free job and any individual can configure/change without any prior training. It's enhanced and additional features make IntelliPay the best value for money in payroll software category.

Online payroll from NRM Info Solutions is built on Software as a service(SaaS) model.

  • User has two models namely admin and employee.
  • Employees can view their salary details through the online payroll portal. He can also apply for leave and can communicate with the HR by writing a mail provided in the online payroll portal.
  • Employee can generate his form 16 declare concessions for the financial year to get maximum benefit in tax.
  • Employee can also generate his previous salary slips.
  • Online salary software works as a virtual HR for employees and hence HR is not disturbed by periodic requests from employees for various reports.

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